Apostle John series, part 2 – Grow in Grace

Again, it is my hope that this book series will help readers see the early Christian families as people, and to provide an overview of the times they lived in.

It is my prayer that after reading this book you will have an understanding of how the early church faced the challenges of ‘holding fast the faith’.

Please allow me to introduce you to the second book in the Apostle John series….

Grow in Grace

Cover of Grow in Grace, by Susan Preston

In Grow in Grace, the Apostle John series continues….
Catch up on ‘old friends’ from Hold the Faith; meet new ones, discover the high price the Roman centurion, Publius, had to pay. Live under the shadow of the Roman patrols, and the ever-present threat of the arena.
Find out how Benjamin resolved his crisis of faith over Deborah… and what about the apostle John? Arrested again, how did he cope this time… what about his family, how do they handle the stress this time? What threat are the younger members of the visiting brethren from Cyprus under?
As Grow in Grace unfolds, you will look deeper into the lives of the brethren in Ephesus, again walking in the shoes of the first century Christians.
Primarily, they are people… men and women with hopes, fears and loves. When adversity comes, do the brethren hold fast, or do they lose heart and turn away? Some do.
The pressure increases on the fledgling Christians to accept that the emperor Domitian is ‘lord and god’… something contrary to their faith.

An encouraging comment...

Funny thing, today’s chapter being about trusting in God…I really needed to hear that today. I have this tendency to worry…and some days it is harder to fight than others. Thanks for this particular chapter.

And a five-star review…

In the second book in the Apostle John series, “Grow in Grace” brings us back to Ephesus in the first century A.D. We revisit old friends: the apostle John, his granddaughter Naomi, her husband Samuel and John’s great-grandson Benjamin. As Christians in a pagan city, in the midst of the Roman Empire, they deal with trials of faith, opposition from the world around them, and the very real, ever-present danger of imprisonment and death for refusing to worship the Roman Emperor as a god. And while all this is going on, the last living apostle, John, works to set down his memories of walking with Christ, in what will later become the Gospel of John. I loved reading about young Benjamin as he grows in the faith, getting to know God better, and makes some important decisions about his life. This book made daily life for the early Christians seem very real to me, and I felt as if I was leaving old friends when I read the last page. And always, the question in the back of my mind, the question this book provokes: If you had been there, among the early Christians, what would you have done? How would you have handled the trials? Would you have grown in grace? This is even better than the first book, “Hold the Faith”! I am looking forward to Book 3…

Grow in Grace is on sale on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle




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