About me…

Susan M B Preston

From the time I attended Rhema Bible Training Centre in Perth, Western Australia (1987/88) I have been fascinated by Biblical History. It hasn’t always made sense BUT  the more I studied the more I learnt and some of those mysterious things made sense…


When it started to make sense was when we joined a Sabbath keeping church and started to understand the meaning of the Festivals and Holy Days.

In my personal life, all was not smooth sailing though. Returning from an overseas trip to be told I had a second and life-threatening aneurysm was a challenge to live with. Although I honestly think it was harder for my husband than for me. I applied myself to working on the novel that previously existed in notes. So my time was spent in the Bible, on the Internet and reading sermon transcripts and listening to Bible studies.

My husband was supportive and ultimately became my ‘editor’ as well as my dearest friend.

Now the complicated surgery is over, and whilst I recognise the skill and dedication of the two surgeons who inserted a graft into almost all my aorta, I believe God guided them.

So, here I am. Still busy, still writing, and, God willing,  hoping for another overseas trip in 2013.

As many of my readers will know, we did have that other overseas trip in 2013.

It was not an easy return home, and my beloved husband and best friend had an awesome struggle to make it home. He had a wonderful time with our church brethren, spent some special moments with our son and his family in Scotland… and with God’s help made it home to Perth, Western Australia. He died in December 2013.

Geoff's Last JourneyingsI am putting together a ‘book’ on Geoff’s Last Journeyings – it may, or may not be published. If it is, then my intention is to divide any proceeds between the church who nurtured him and helped him grow, the hospice who cared for both of us in the last three weeks of his life, and the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation.

It has not been easy to write, and in researching this condition, I discovered so much neither my husband nor I knew. This is why I would support the PF Foundation.

In the meantime… plodding on





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