Children, Sex-slaves

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This is not a ‘comfortable’ subject. Perhaps you might think it is questionable why it is posted on a ‘faith’’ blog’. But. I think it is something that truly deserves our prayers.

On tonight’s news, in Western Australia, the lead story knocked ‘sport’ off the top spot… no mean feat here.

A 13-year old girl, who had been used as a ‘sex slave’ for 2 years was rescued from the pedophile ring. Her father not only used her as a ‘sex slave’ but had made her available to other men in the pedophile ring.

At first, like many of us would be, I was horrified… then I remembered – when I was a nursing sister in a psychiatric hospital one of the most challenging patients was a young woman who had been similarly used.

(I will not go into more information to protect the identity of the person.)

The reason I share this is because of the psychological difficulties the young woman suffered.

  • Guilt
  • Anger

She had a reputation for terrorizing female student nurses. I remember an incident when she came into the rear section of the nurses’ office where I was briefly, and threatened stabbing me in the eye with a pair of nurses’ stitch scissors. It was not a pleasant experience for me.

(And there were her many episodes of attempted self-harm,.)


Who can really tell why she was angry? Everything you could think of, might be a reason… but the only person (or people) who would understand would be those who have been in the same situation.


I can only tell you what she told me, after I had ‘passed the tests’, and even then it cost her dearly to speak.

As, apparently, is often the case in situations involving incest, which is where it started because the father was the first ‘perpetrator’… her mother blamed her daughter when, eventually, the truth was exposed.. So this young woman, a child when it started, blamed herself.

Another source of on-going guilt in that young woman’s life was that she came to enjoy what her father, and the other men were doing to her.

Why did it happen?

As for why the father did what he did – who knows what was locked in his past?

When the impact of what I heard on the news tonight sank in, I could only pray that the child in tonight’s report, now in ‘care’, has people who will help her recover emotionally, not only physically.

Therefore, I ask you, my readers, please pray for all the children – and that means boys as well as girls, who are sexually abused… and especially by family members.

God will judge the perpetrators. I can have a ‘knee-jerk’ response, but only God knows the full story… and how far back it goes.

(There are no images in this post. I do not want to identify, or trivialize this subject.)




One thought on “Children, Sex-slaves

  1. secretangel

    Awesome post! So much has been hidden behind closed doors for years with generation after generation of children negatively affected by the “secrets” that stay hidden. Though we can never understand why a parent would do this, God sees the wounds deep within each person that causes the cycle to continue. I join you in prayer for every child and pray that this sexual immorality will be broken in Jesus’ Mighty Name.

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