why wish on a star, pray to the One who created it.

Sorry – again

My apologies

sad faceBetween finishing The Light of Truth, making a trailer for it, formatting it as an eBook (after the editor had done) AND health issues… I have not been here.

You noticed?

I finished that shawl by the way. Rather quickly.

A text arrived that the expectant mum had ‘started’ 3 or 4 weeks early.

Hand knitted shawl

So, I stopped everything else, sat and knitted the remaining 20 odd peaks, stitched it up, soaked it and pinned it out.


Just as well. I heard later that evening that ‘the princess’ had arrived.

I have been working on my website – well, the updated one. And there is a blog there that I did post some things to.

You will find it here        Author website blog

There was my own health problems – and appointments consuming my time – but, praise God, prayers of the ‘saints’ were heard – and all is okay.

Now I have to finalize matters with the pre-paid funeral. No, not expecting to die – but I made one small change in the plan and was told that my plan went up each year. In this first year the difference was nearly $2,000

I think that is being sorted. I talk to someone tomorrow.

In the meantime… I am of two minds whether to start putting together the notes for book 4 – which excites me, or breathe – and catch up on all I need to do.

Please check out my author website blog for updates. You can even sign up to my readers group. (Another new project.)

Thank you for your support over the years, please follow me to my other site

One last thought…

why wish on a star, pray to the One who created it.Susan



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