6 Things that have kept me from writing a post

Where have I been you ask?


After my ‘flying fall’, it took me much longer to do everything, including walking, and as for driving to the doctor, mmm that took a while to manage.

Knitting image
Wikimedia commons

My wrists were too sore to knit for a while, and typing ‘jarred’ them.

My doctor organised a cleaner to come in… I couldn’t manage that… or change the bed. That is all in hand now.


What do you call a cleaning lady in the US? When Geoff and I were in Topeka for the church festival, we took a ‘lift’ to the floor our room was on, everyone else took an elevator. Strange how English can be so different between English-speaking nations.

But, let me get back on track.

When I was stuck indoors and had no help, I guess I missed Geoff more – then found some videos of him singing. That was great. A face in the house, looking at me, smiling, and singing.

Eventually some skills returned and I was able to continue with the cobweb 1 ply baby shawl for my soon-coming great-grandchild.

So did my typing ability. Just as well, because one evening when I turned on the TV for the quiz before the news… the picture folded up, the channels all mixed themselves together on the screen, then gave up.


I will not tell you of my frustration between then and the next afternoon, pulling wires and antenna cords out, replacing them (and hoping I was re-connecting them properly). I rang the makers of the TV because it is under warranty still. “Take it back to the shop you bought it from”. Protesting that I could not even lift it never mind fit it into my tiny ‘toy’ car… which is good on the fuel but…

Then the ‘tech support’ man from the TV company suggested I might have a rodent that ate the antenna wire in the wall cavity.

I think that might have been when I decided to leave it be, and check if one of the neighbours had a portable TV I could borrow to check the antenna.

image of tv antennaHa ha ha. Which is when I found out that none of the fifteen units in the complex had TV reception… and it was going to take 28 days to send someone out to fix it.

Happy ending. When the crossword books were making one neighbour cross-eyed, another knew the words to all the DVDs in her collection, she had played them so often and I had found online video lessons on making a website… the repair men came.

Still, now the shawl is almost finished… but I have run out of yarn and 1 ply is not available in Australia. Did a worldwide search… and eventually found some by an exclusive company in the UK and it had a sales outlet in Edinburgh Scotland. Recruited my daughter-in-law to going to the shop, and sending me the ball I need. So grateful 🙂

This is only scratching the surface of the happenings of the last few weeks.  I have had CT scans, an injection into the bursa, two sessions of physiotherapy and acupuncture. I am still limping but in much less pain.

I have almost finished the website I was learning to build. Wow, things have changed since I made my first one… for the better I might add.

Next step will be building myself one! (Just heard that the dormant one has been transferred to this site where I can share the site with the one I have built.  Next week it seems I will be busy too. LOL)

Why don’t you hop on over and have a look at the one I am almost finished with.

See it here.

And please… tell me what you think of it.

You can use the contact form there, or come back and leave a comment here.

Keeping busy




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