Commandments, suggestions, approximations

I have just witnessed what is rapidly becoming a ‘pet hate’.


On one TV channel’s weather forecast the weather person said today’s temperature had been 24 C whilst written on the screen was 24.9 C

Now, if we are going with approximations, why not round up 0.1 of a degree instead of down 0.9?

I would change the TV news channel, and do sometimes, but this is not an issue confined to the weather on TV.


Spped limit 73 Km

Like many others, I see that the speed limit is viewed as a suggestion. I am not the only one who complains of being tail-gated, blasted with someone’s car horn, or worse because I am keeping the speed limit. (And by the way, there is usually at least one other lane available… and sometimes I am in the ‘slow’ lane when this happens.)


Then what about traffic lights? By the time the traffic signals are red, vehicles should be stationary.

There is a disabled access crossing to the bus/train station my husband and I used to green light crossing signuse regularly… it crosses two dual carriageway ‘on-ramps’ to the freeway. Between the ‘green man’ (to walk) and the loud alert noise, for vision impaired pedestrians, it would be fair to assume that it was safe to cross. Not so! Until I learnt to look at the traffic instead of the ‘walk’ sign, there were a number of times my late husband had to grab me and tug me back, rescuing me from being run over. Well that was a while ago now, and I don’t often use that bus/train Interchange anymore – until this morning. A cousin of my husband was visiting from Tasmania and I arranged to collect him from that station. I remembered to watch the traffic as I waited to cross. But the man beside me saw the ‘Walk’ sign, heard the sound to indicate it was safe to go, and stepped off the kerb. I saw the car hurtle toward him and called out. He jumped back in time.

Is saving a few minutes time worth a person’s life?

Obviously not to some people.

Let’s not talk about the Ten Commandments…

 Ten commandments

 Or even the Two Great Commandments which Jesus used to summarise them.

They would have to be the classic example of approximations or suggestions which can be ignored or picked and chosen according to the mood of the person.

But looking around this world, where down seems to be up – and vice versa… it seems there is only one commandment for many individuals. “You shall have no other God before me.” Individuals… some it seems, have made themselves the God of their own lives.

Sharing some dislikes



While you are here, I am looking for votes on the cover of the 3rd book in the Apostle John series of books.
The images are all taken by the awesomely talented/gifted lady who provided the covers for the first two.
The ones for the new book are all pictures of the Aurora Australis (The Southern Lights) and were photographed by Lena, in Tasmania.
We all have favourites, but I would so much appreciate help in decided which to use for this, as yet, unfinished book.

All it will take is a click of the link here,

then a click in a round radio button.

Tread softly image, feet and butterfliesThank you



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