The Whole Picture

It all depends on focus.

Over the years, this has appeared a few times on my Facebook page. Generally, I gave it a cursory look, didn’t have time so moved on.

'find the mistake' quote

This time was different. I studied it, and I must confess I counted the numbers a few times… that is where I expected to find the mistake. But it wasn’t there. To be honest, it was when I read someone else’s comment that I looked back at the writing and found that is where the ‘mitsake’ was.

It is like that old saying about not being able to see the wood for the trees.

If someone can’t see the wood for the trees, they get so caught up in small details that they fail to understand the bigger picture.

Which is what I was doing by going over the numbers, looking for a mistake there, instead of looking at the whole message.

It made me think about how often we do that in life, in general… Have a small part of a picture. (Our part) and fail to consider the other aspects. As an author, the main POV in the story, is of course, the leading character. But what he or she does impacts on the other characters, and vice versa. Do we consider this in our day-to-day dealings with those we meet?

Like those ‘ripple effects’ mentioned in another post, everything we do, will have some impact on others.

Churlish cartoon
Image: Nara Yu


Someone is churlish.

Unless we walk in their shoes, we have no idea why the person is so ill-natured.


Don’t respond ‘in kind’. That person might have received bad news, perhaps approaching an anniversary of someone special’s death, maybe have heard that his or her job is part of the cuts being made by the company.

There is an interesting video clip on the Internet. (It runs for six minutes, and is well worth watching.)

Lollipop moments

It is good to remember that just as we can stay in someone’s memory for a good reason, we can just as easily stay there for a negative one.

Sharing some thoughts



Thank you to people who have shown me those good moments, especially at this time, where I remember the last few weeks of my husband’s life. I am aware of feeling very sensitive at this time.


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