redback spider

Pest spraying

Picture of pest sprayerWho would have thought that trying to make this small thing work would bring several moments of tearful frustration!

But that is exactly what it did.

I had never used it before, my late husband always did. (Even when sick or in pain, his arms were strong, and his determination was as strong or stronger.) I had tried to help him, but did not have the strength to pump the pressure up.

Sunday morning, a lovely still, sunny day. Perfect for spraying, and the place urgently needed spraying. Those flying cockroaches were on the move because of the warmer weather and the spiders were becoming active. I caught one in the laundry walking on my washing machine!

If spraying was left any longer it would be too hot. (I remember there was some restriction on spraying in hot weather.) Windy weather was no good either, because this is a poisonous spray and it is supposed to go on the guttering, and other high places where the spiders are happily spinning webs ready for their summer feed.

Cockroaches and spiders are part of God’s creation that I happilyredback spider leave for someone else to appreciate… especially since the majority of spiders around here are ‘redbacks’. (Their webs are quite distinctive.) After winter, they will be more poisonous.

No one was available to do it for me, so I went to the storage room, found the spray bottle and took it into the back yard. I decided to practice with water. Well, even though I followed the instructions on the box, and on the sprayer itself, the pressure would not build up. I twiddled all the knobs.  How could it be so difficult? After several attempts I went indoors, to calm down.  Frustrated is not a strong enough word, but it’s all I have. The other, similar, words are not quite right.

So a bit later, I went outside and tried again. Then later, another try. I think I was too disappointed and at the end of my tether to hear any answers to prayer.

One last attempt. Twiddled again. The water came out. But it was not supposed to come out until it had built up the required pressure. The thing was dribbling water as it was pumped.

Sigh… and more fiddling.

I don’t know that I did anything differently, but the thing decided to work.

Quickly, before it changed its mind <smile> I tipped out the water, and mixed up the solution, and set to the task.

I knew I didn’t have the pressure that my husband had always managed to build in the bottle, but spray was squirting out the correct end. However, because of the lack of good pressure, I am not sure that it went all the way to where it should.

Hamat suitAnd no one told me that a ‘hazmat suit’ would be useful. I think more spray landed on me than on the guttering and beams. I discovered when I took them off that my spectacles were well sprayed.

Hmm, probably explains why it was hard to see the spray. And that’s another thing… it did not turn off as it was supposed to when I stopped pressing the trigger mechanism.


As for the insect population, the next few days will let me know.



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