A number of things happened today.

  • Someone told me that she was glad to see that I was prospering.
  • Someone else thanked me for recognising a scripture he tweeted.
  • Had an interesting conversation with a client at my voluntary job.

Looking to the first one. Am I prospering?

Depends how I look at it I suppose. I could say that I am waiting until it is my turn to die. No, I am not depressed, just reviewing almost a year on my own.

Servant heart imageAfter my husband died, I took a prayerful look at why he had died first. What I saw was his ‘servant-heart’ and my need to change.

One of the ways I am trying to do that is, progressively, is by trying to think like God thinks.

God is not critical, impatient, selfish, nor has He any of the negative traits we can see so easily in each other, but should be looking for in ourselves.

Image of ripples in sea

When someone is rude, offers poor service, or offends in any of the many ways that would have previously caused me to want to complain. I find myself thinking of the ‘ripple effects’.

What would it do to that person’s life?

So, in answer to my own question. I guess I am prospering in the only important way… spiritually.

As to the scripture I recognised… it was from the Old Testament. And that is a whole other subject for another time.

As for the conversation with the client where I do a few hours voluntary work each week. He was observing that he and his wife could both travel to the UK for the same amount of money someone he knows spends on the beer he drinks every week.

Image of Australian currency notesHe went on to estimate how much it would cost a smoker each week if he or she smoked a pack per day. (Cigarettes are expensive here in Western Australia.) The price per brand varies, but taking a figure from last year, this man calculated it would cost the ‘pack- a-day-smoker’ $200 per week. Times that by fifty-two and the result would be$10,400 (ten thousand four hundred dollars). Not just an overseas trip, but a fair amount of money left over for accommodation or spending.

I know a pensioner couple who smoke three packs per day between them. Going by the man who was talking about it this morning… that would be $600.00 (six hundred dollars) per week. However, the total weekly pension they would receive is six hundred and forty four dollars per week, combined. (The pension rate is quoted per fortnight.) Doesn’t leave much for rent, bills, food, and petrol or bus fares.

Another area in which I prosper. Praise God, I do not smoke.

As I close, II would like to thank all who have prayed for me in the last year, or more.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.
3 John 1: 2



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