Massed Pipe Bands…

In the midst of clearing my desk, sewing machine cabinet, noticeboards etc etc, I had to go online for a bit of information… and lo and behold, there was a message with a link in my Inbox.

Pipe Bands. And more Pipe Bands. More than they had at the Edinburgh Tattoo.

Well, you either love Pipe Bands, or hate them. I always loved them. On the other hand my mother hated the ‘skirl o’ the Pipes’. She had some not very nice words about them.

So, for those of you who like Pipe Bands, I am putting in the link to the video clip. It is almost ten minutes long, and they are all different bands.

I am Scottish, I have walked the Royal Mile… there is a lot of history in that street. When I was young, my special friend, Maureen, and I went there. There used to be an incredible Museum of Childhood. And of course there was ‘John Knox’s House’. Read about it here…

Yes, the Royal Mile… or High Street by another name, has many more recent memories, bittersweet ones. In 2010 while in Scotland visiting my son and his wife, (and grandson Luke), Geoff and I did the Castle tour, then walked down the Royal Mile. We had lots of stops, but at the bottom, relieved but satisfied, we caught a bus back home to Dean Village.

pipe band marching


There is a photo for those who don’t like the sound of the pipes


And for those who, like me, enjoy the sound and spectacle, there is a link to watch the massed bands marching from Edinburgh Castle down the Royal Mile

·I watched it on full screen last time. Awesome.


2 thoughts on “Massed Pipe Bands…

  1. Patty B

    I too am part Scottish, actually Scots Irish…my great grandparents came here from Ireland and the sound of pipes are in my blood. I love the bagpipes – thanks for the link.

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