Year of Losses and complications


cover of Hold the Faith

This is a quick post because I am in the throes of fixing Hold the Faith. For some strange and unknown reason Amazon was publishing the early draft edition. Therefore I have unpublished it, to fix it.

Just one problem. This has been a year of losses. The most significant, as many of you know, was the death of my husband. (I am still learning a new way to live.)

The next one, was the ‘death’ of a hard drive.

It was working fine, I had been using the computer, I went off to the kitchen, and when I came back the monitor screen was black. But there was a message on it.

Operating system not found, message“Operating system not found.”

“Well it was there a few minutes ago, what did you do with it?”

It did not reply, just steadfastly displayed the message.

A reboot did not help.

At that time, I still had my husband’s computer, so fired it up and ‘Googled’ the message.

The news was not good. Something had happened to the boot sector. I followed all the instructions, but none brought my operating system back.

Now, for most of my computer life, and it has been a long time, I always partition hard drives.

Partitions on my computerSo my current work was on there, somewhere. I needed my daughter’s help to hook up my hard drive and rescue the data from a partition on the failed drive. (I had an old computer that I used for that task, but doing it with SATA cables, I had not done before.)

Well, it was a bit complicated, and although I retrieved everything, I have so many copies of various versions of Hold the Faith, I decided it would be quicker to download a ‘proper version’ copy in PDF, convert it to Word, and go from there.

So that is what I am doing. It is not as simple as it sounded though. The problems with the formatting are a serious challenge. (Especially when it didn’t ‘hold’ the change.) The result of some research was that PDF to Word does cause formatting ‘issues’.

So, working through the book will keep me busy. Back to it. It keeps my mind off the dying TV. (Yes, it waited to die when the warranty was up.)

Oh well, the wall is harder than my head, so there is no use beating my head against it. I will keep in mind Geoff’s favourite scripture…

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8: 28 NKJV



I will be putting this post up on my other blog too, because as well as doing all this… I am washing clothes to pack, defrosting the freezer, cleaning the fridge, and still doing some de-cluttering.

“Busy hands are happy hands” says a very dear person.


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