I have not died… came close I believe, but it wasn’t time. There’s a lot more polishing needs doing.

If I was younger, I would say that I was as week as a kitten, but I am a bit of an ‘old’ kitten. kitten drawing

It is so long since I have been here, I thought, before crawling back off to bed, that I would write a note and let you know I am still here, thanks to God and His mercy.

Since I was seriously ill for five days before my daughter stepped in and over-ruled my protests, calling an ambulance; on my return home, I came up with a plan.

Plan text



  1.  My daughter has permission to over-rule me, should I become sick again
  2. I ordered an emergency pendant. (I spent a lot of time on the floor, too weak to get up, and unable to contact her.)
  3. If I shiver, take temperature. (In hospital it was 40.9 C, and often over 40.)

These are the main points of my plan, there are others. However, it made me think about plans, and God’s plan. When I feel better I will try to put that together.

In the meantime – back to bed.




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