Stroke Awareness and Danny Jones

I first ‘met’ Danny when he followed me on Twitter. His tag-line interested me, and I went investigating.  Maybe it was because I knew how hard life had been for my husband as he determined to live as normal a life as possible in spite of his health restrictions. Or perhaps because I had experienced some small taste with two heart attacks, then in recent years the aneurysms and surgery.

I discovered Danny had written about his experience and is a speaker at various events. So I contacted him and asked if he would like to do a guest ‘blog’.

From what I have read so far, he is an amazing man.

Over to Danny to explain a bit about himself…

Daniel Jones“At the time of my stroke I was in the best condition of my life. I was strength training three hours a day six days a week.

I was working as a high end real estate salesman for ten years prior to my stroke, working fifteen hours a day seven days a week.

On July 21 2006 I suffered a massive embolic stroke to the right hemisphere of my brain. I suffered significant brain injury, and remain brain blind to my left side and paralyzed in my left arm and hand, I walk with a lower leg brace and a cane.”

Pardon me for interrupting… That must have been a huge adjustment. To go from being so fit and doing strength training, to be laid ‘low’ as it were. And still being limited in your ability to walk.

“Yes, as I mentioned, at the time of my stroke I was healthy but had contracted the blood disease Endocarditis. I got the deadly disease from a spinal fusion I had to have due to a car wreck I was involved in.

The very first things I remember after my stroke was a doctor coming into my room every few hours and asking me how many fingers he was holding up.

I also remember the weird clock above my bed. I asked my duty nurse if it Clock, as seen by stroke patientwas a special stroke clock for stroke patients. It looked to have had numbers only on the right side of the clock face. Remembering back now it seems that people would appear and disappear into thin air. At that time I did not understand the condition I suffer from known as ‘Left Neglect’”.


Left Neglect is a strange term, what does it mean Danny?

“I am blind in the lower left half of both eyes, you are not only out of my sight on the left side; but my brain does not recognize anything over there beyond the vision cut.”

This is one of the many challenges Danny and people with the same condition face. Head on over to Danny’s site and check out the video clips, and the links to his speaking and his writings. There are links to tips, useful sites, and surviving a stroke.




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