There is a saying… ‘snowed under’…

And that is how I am feeling this week.

Sad clipart

Sunday was Mother’s Day. Over the last twenty-five years, one person was consistently present, and encouraging. This was the first year without him, and it was sad. (Gross understatement, I am afraid.)


Then I ‘knuckled under’ set about sorting out a bit more of the house… I am amazed at how many CDs we collected over those years. And then, we both changed ‘size’ a few times, and kept the ‘fat’ clothes just in case… or the ‘thin’ clothes in hope.

I decided I wanted my computer back, so put in a hard drive from an old computer…. and discovered it was way too small. So, have a couple of external drives ‘hanging off’, but still not enough room. (First time I have seen ‘red’ space indications on the drive information.)busy cartoon

Some things have gone on DVDs, a lot needs sorting through, but that takes time… therefore, my apologies. This poor blog has been neglected.

Therefore, I am posting this to let you know that I have not forgotten you, just cannot find a lot of things… time being one, and which section of the computer (or external drives) my notes are located.

Just apologising




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