Daughters of Dorcas

This very moving story resonates with me. When my husband was in the hospice, I noticed the small quilts on the bed. While he was still well enough to leave his room in a wheelchair… a small quilt was put over his knee.
I have no idea if they were ‘prayer’ quilts or not, but they were made for the hospice.
In this troubled world it is very encouraging to know that such care and love abounds. It doesn’t make the news… but how many hearts does it comfort?

Please read this encouraging story, perhaps pray for the people who are making the quilts.


Teach The Younger Women

Karen  Basile

I asked Karen to write something about what charity activities she was involved with.  Being very modest, she didn’t want me to write anything; but with much coaxing, she agreed because, frankly, I couldn’t remember everything! 🙂  Here is her story of how she became involved, helping in her community. 

In 2007 I had the idea to have a quilt group at our church.  The church had other missions such as the Needleworks Group that knitted or crocheted afghans for people in nursing homes and cancer patients in the hospital.  I had been a part of that group and had the idea that a quilt group would involve a different group of people and those of us who didn’t know how to quilt would be learning from those more experienced.  The ball got rolling and the Loving Hands Quilt Group was formed. 

I did not know how to…

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