A personal post…

This is a personal message, and  explanation of sorts as to why there have been no recent blog posts.

Perth airport logoIt is hard to believe this is real… on the 12th September my husband and I were sitting at Perth airport, happy, excited, looking forward to the trip.

Little did we know that it would be our last one together. No, he is not dead… yet. But I have been warned to expect it.

So, with this first post for many weeks, I would like to thank the many people who made our trip special. You all know who you are. Each of you contributed to giving my special husband the desire of his heart.

Now his race is coming to an end, and like most people in my position, I do not know how I will continue. Yet continue I must, because my race is not over yet.

run race

Is how I feel now, they way he felt last year, as he lived with the daily threat of me dying? I know he worried about that massive aneurysm bursting. Is this why I was spared? … To see him through this time of being slowly smothered by the lung disease that has slowly progressed, then suddenly worsened?

For all these years, fibrosing alveolitis was the name attached to a slowly deteriorating condition. Then in a few weeks he has gone to struggling for each breath on high volume oxygen.

Romans 12:12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

This we are endeavouring to do, knowing that our great God has the ‘big picture’ and we only see a small piece of the tapestry.

In His love,



7 thoughts on “A personal post…

  1. charles H.

    I do not know you, however, I know your pain. My family will beseech our great Jehovah for his tender mercies for your family……ch

  2. Lisa

    Hi, Susan. I have been following your story, and I am praying for your peace and for a content mind as you endure these times of great trial. You seem to be a reflective writer, and I’m thankful that you are willing to share many of your life’s journeys with us. God is our Rock, and His enduring love will see you through to the end of every road.
    Love and prayers,

  3. jeannie melikidse

    Hi Susan, I have followed your blog lately and before this through CGG prayer requests for probably a couple of years…both of you have been on my mind so often and see that both of you are so strong in the faith with such good attitudes..I just don’t know all what to say except I will continue my prayers for you and Geoff and all your family!!!

  4. Warren Lee

    Hi Susan,
    Please know that you and Geoff are in our prayers. You have both endured a long battle with health issues and we pray that if it is God’s will that He will heal Geoff and if not, then that he will not suffer. We will also pray for your health as well and your well-being during this difficult time. We will always remember meeting you both at the FOT. What an inspiration you both are.

    With love,
    The Lee family

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