What if… by Chris Martin, re-blogged

I Interrupt this short series on Isaac, to re-blog a post by fellow blogger,  Chris Martin.

It is excellent… my only comment is the one I put on his site, What if we stopped telling him how great the post is and start putting it into practice 🙂

You will find the original article here… http://chrismartinwrites.com/2013/06/17/what-if




What If…

What if we stepped out of bed every morning with purpose and a desire to make a difference in someone’s life besides our own.

What if we stopped complaining about our Starbucks order being incorrect and bought a meal for the homeless guy standing on the corner with no shoes and a cardboard sign.

What if we stopped blaming inanimate objects for the violence we see in this world and started taking our responsibility as parents seriously.

What if we put the needs of others in front of our own.

What if we gave until it hurt instead of just enough to look good.

What if we turned off the amplifiers, microphones, and smoke machines and just listened for God’s still, small voice.

What if we stopped looking at the color of a person’s skin and started realizing we all bleed the same shade of crimson.

What if we started fixing the person in the mirror instead of those on the other side of it.

What if we looked into the eyes of the outcast and the loner instead of looking through the eyes of society.

What if we put our trust in God and not in the number on our bank account statement.

What if we realized that salvation is a gift born from sacrifice, grace, and mercy and not the result of anything we can accomplish.

What if we actually lived out our Facebook status.

What if Jesus wasn’t only talking to the rich man in Matthew 19:21.

What if we said yes to our children and no to overtime at work.

What if we took the time to listen to someone’s story.

What if we quit talking and singing about how Jesus wants us to live and actually started doing it.

What if the true heroes of this world, like the single mom with three kids, the father, husband, wife, mother, son, and daughter fighting for this country, or teachers were treated with the same admiration and respect as athletes and actors.

What if we replaced racism, hate, jealousy, and pride with love.

What if we stopped killing babies and gave them the right to choose the path they wanted to take in this life.

What if we prayed for the murderer and rapist on death row instead of wishing they would suffer a horrible death. (Matthew 5:44)

What if we stood in the gap for the lost, lonely, homeless, and hurting instead of standing on the sidelines.

What if Jesus had decided that He didn’t want to endure the most horrific pain and suffering imaginable for people who don’t deserve any of it.

What if you knew you had one day to live.

What if you lost everything…all your possessions, your family, your health, your money, your job security, your friends…would you still love God?

What if…

Have a blessed day,



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