Pray without ceasing (part two)

Last week’s post ‘pray without ceasing’ was inspired by the most incredible day, after an exceptionally hectic week, where I was conscious that the only way this day would work out was asking for Divine intervention. Mmm. But we are told to pray without ceasing. Full stop. Not only when we have a bad day, or a day where we have so many finely timed appointments it seems we will never make all of them.

Laser eye surgerySo, sitting on a bus (again) this morning, going to another appointment. (My husband needed laser eye surgery.) I found myself reflecting…


Last week when we were on a bus to an eye appointment it was an emergency, and there were already seemingly impossible odds that we would make the other two appointments… but not only did we make it, there was ample time. But how about praying without ceasing now? I had already prayed the eye surgery would go well with no complications…

Pray without ceasing is all the time.

I was not in ‘panic’ mode… how about ‘thankful’ mode?

The previous week, the roads to the bus station were very busy at 5.50 am. This week they were not nearly so busy. (There’s a ‘thank You Father’)

Heavy rainThe previous week there was an incredible storm to make it through. This week, there were only a few splutters of rain, but when we were safely on the bus the rain pelted down. (Another thank You Father.)

I am alive – thank you Father

I am well – thank you Father.

I have a home, enough food to eat, clothes, a wonderful husband who is also my best friend. Wow… there are a string of ‘thank you Fathers’

But then I had another few special thank You-s in this busy week. An author, whose writing I admire, William Struse, had unbeknown to me been reading my book, Hold the Faith, to his family. I posted it on my other blog and you can read the review on Amazon

Not only was I excited at the first Amazon review, I was truly humbled. An awesome ‘thank You Father’.

(William Struse has an incredible page turning book called The 13th Enumeration, so I was honoured that he gave Hold the Faith, a five star review.)

Someone who is currently reading the book emailed me and said she would like to see it as a film.

Another person told me that she enjoyed the book and she too wrote a review.

See how many ‘thank you Father’s’ can be found by just stopping and thinking. There is so much in life to thank my heavenly Father for.

Dear God, thank you

I must remember this.

 (Although I am also glad I can go to Him with the ‘please help me Father’ ones as well.)

Till next time,

Tread softly, you may be treading on someone’s dreams.



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