Moses… son of slaves to prince of Egypt

Whether Moses was two or six it would have been a traumatic experience for him to be taken from the home of his parents to the palace of Pharaoh’s daughter.

  • His parents were slaves
  • His home would have been the home of a slave
  • He had an older brother and sister
  • His family was Hebrew, descendents of Levi and followers of the One God

From this background the young boy was taken to the palace of Pharaoh’s daughter, to be her son.

The palace would have been large and overwhelming

Although he was to be the son of the ‘princess’ he would have been given into the care of servants and raised as a prince of Egypt with all that entailed. Did he only speak Hebrew? I doubt it. His parents were slaves of the Egyptians and had lived all their lives in the land of Goshen. They needed to understand what the Egyptian taskmasters instructed as well as buy anything they could not grow.

Moses, now prince of Egypt needed to learn the ways of the Egyptians.

Moses, princeSchooled in all the learning of the Egyptians (see Acts 7: 22) which would included their religion and the many gods they worshipped. He would have learned to read and write, mathematics, also in astronomy, in warfare, and in leadership. These were some of the requirements of an Egyptian prince and he would certainly need the qualities of leadership much later in his life.

Moses triumphant

The Bible does not tell us about the ‘missing years’ when Moses was growing up but Josephus, the historian does make mention of one aspect.

“A state of war broke out between the Egyptians and the Ethiopians. At this time Moses had grown to be a man. The two sides fought a great battle in which the Ethiopians were triumphant, and they pushed to conquer all of Egypt. The Egyptians looking for help inquired of their priests. The priests revealed to them that they should make Moses their general . . . Moses then became the commander of a great army . . . Marching against them by land, rather than the river as the Ethiopian’s expected  Moses led his troops to victory.”

The New Complete Works of Josephus, book 2, chapter 10

Whether Moses had contact with his real family or not is debatable and could lead to a long discussion so, cutting it short and moving along. A time came where he was faced with a choice. Was it from God? Why not? God had saved him for a purpose.

Moses chooses

Hebrews 11: 24 By faith Moses, when he had grown up, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter.

We are not told the reason for this in the Bible, but unlike the Ten Commandments movie, according to Josephus, the Pharaoh at the time was a woman, who had deposed the young Pharaoh. This was possibly the one who had adopted Moses, and would have created him Pharaoh.

God is in charge of His creation and He intervened. Moses chose his heritage. Perhaps he knew he was the ‘deliverer’ promised by God. Sadly, he didn’t wait for God’s perfect timing.

More next week,

Till then, tread softly, you may be treading on someone’s dreams.



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