And before you study, pray for His wisdom and understanding.

a Journal of Missional Living

To live a life reflecting God’s presence is to lead a life intricately woven with his Word. In this, we can grow closer to God.

The men and women in the scriptures reveal God’s story with as much passion, joy, fear, grief, twists and turns as any New York Times bestseller. God shares his character through timeless narratives. In these, we can grow closer to God.

Interspersed amidst these accounts we also find instruction and precepts. Let’s be honest… this is where we tend to tune out. We do not like being told what to do. It is an age-old quandry! From Adam & Eve to today’s children chaffing at parents’ rules, we challenge authority. Regardless…in these, too, we grow closer to God.

A Shift in Perspective

What if we instead embrace the Word of God as his love in written form? Clearly it has stood the test of…

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