Queen Esther saves her people

To use an old-fashioned term – Haman ‘got his come-uppance’, his just rewards. He was hung on the gallows on which he had intended impale Mordecai. King Ahasuerus gave Haman’s house to Queen Esther. Something else happened, an unsought for blessing. The king gave Mordecai his signet ring… which meant he was now the second in command in that vast empire ruled by King Ahasuerus.  So everything worked out.

No, something was amiss!

In Esther 8: 3, 4 it seems that Esther once again risked going before the king. If he was still in her rooms, why did he have to hold out his sceptre to her?

She must have had a strong need to go to him without being summoned. Was she overconfident because she had escaped before? She had shown herself the opposite so far.  King Ahasuerus could have reacted angrily and thought her presumptuous. After all, look what happened to her predecessor, Queen Vashti – she was banished. So why did Queen Esther take the risk again?

Because there was a fly in the ointment…

The letters that Haman had sent out to all the provinces needed to be revoked or the Jews would still be massacred in the month of Adar.

Queen Esther made an impassioned plea for her people. In Esther 8: 5 she leads up to it…

  • If it pleases the king (she gives him the honour due to him. No over-confidence here)
  • and if I have found favour in his sight
  • And the thing seems right to the king
  • And I am pleasing in his eyes

(This probably would have the women’s lib people screaming in horror, but it was the right way to do things back then, especially in the court of King Ahasuerus, king of over 128 provinces.)

After her introduction she asked it be written to revoke the letters Haman, the enemy of the Jews, had sent to all the provinces.

Another fly in the ointment…

The rules of the Medo-Persian kingdom at that time said it couldn’t be done. No one can revoke a letter that is sent in the king’s name and sealed with his signet.

Haman might be dead – but his evil plot would go ahead.


Another letter was sent. Not revoking the order, but giving the Jews permission to kill anyone in his entire kingdom who would assault them or plunder their possessions.

And that is what happened… Mordecai was told by King Ahasuerus to write the letter, it was translated into all the languages (as had Haman’s letter), and Mordecai’s letter, like Haman’s, was sent by royal couriers to all the provinces.

In this way, Queen Esther saved her people. The day the Jews feared was to be the day of their death turned into a day of hope. The Jews declared a day of rejoicing and called it Purim.

God’s timing is perfect… although it might not seem like that to us when we are in the depths of despair, or in a situation where we can see no hope.

Take hope, God is on His throne and He is working His purpose out. Two things get in our way…

  • Impatience – we want the answer immediately
  • We want the answer our way

A thought to leave you with… if we received what we ask for within the time-frame we want, and as we want… Who is God? If we can dictate to Him, then we are saying we are God and just want His power to make it happen.

I now can truly pray “Thy will be done…”  but it took many trials to bring me to this point and I am very grateful to be here. Even so, I have to remind myself regularly that  God has the ‘big picture’.

Remember… Tread softly… you may be treading on someone’s dreams.



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