Interesting Bible discoveries


According to Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, book 1, chapter 7… Abram was an eloquent debater, able to verbalise clearly, write his ideas and concepts…

No, my book series isn’t about Abram/Abraham but I found it interesting that he was writing way back over a thousand years BC. And, from research… I found that there is archeological evidence of dry cell battery from that time.

These thoughts came about because the person editing/checking my manuscript queried facitlities I mentioned in the time I am writing about.

Mmm. We think we are so ‘advanced’ but many of these technologies are distractions from relationships, not adding to them. (Children ‘wired’ in to iPods, computers… happily tune out parents.) The more I have researched about the past, the more I realise that we are losing the art of communicating, supporting and encouraging each other.

Now… duty calls, I must away and help with the curry making (*_*)

Till next time

‘Tread softly….”



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